With end of summer in sight, our gardens and markets are bursting at the seams with the best that the season has to offer; though, it is not always clear what to do with everything that is out there.

What do we do with all those tomatoes that won't quite get ripe enough? 

All my lettuce bolted before I could get to it. Is it still usable?

Fresh shelling beans seem like such a pain. I should just buy dry from the bulk section, right?

On August 27th, the Brothers, will not only field these question, but get you in the kitchen so you can help answer them yourselves. Everyone will be getting their hands dirty for this dinner, where we'll touch on everything from procuring to prepping to plating. 

Our good friend has been kind enough to host this intimate evening in his beautiful Redmond home, aptly named The Barn, where we might even get a sampling his garden's givings, or at the very least the aroma and sight of his hundreds of rose bushes! 

The dinner will consist of three courses prepared by you with chefs Zachary and Seth as guides. We will not only touch on conventional techniques, but also some more modern ones, such as gelling and cooking sous vide. Several other bites will provided along the way, not to mention a healthy flow of wine.

So join us ready to learn, cook, eat, and drink; but, most importantly join us ready to better understand how to take advantage of the bountiful and diverse harvest of the PNW and how best to share it with others. 

Reservations for this event are extremely limited so get yours today! The $25 reservation fee will be taken out of the total price of $175, with the remainder to be paid at the close of the evening. The exact address of the event in Redmond will be provided once a reservation has been made.