Every weekend(with intermittent breaks for other projects) we set up shop at a couple of Seattle's farmer's markets selling cups full of delicious handmade local rye alkaline style ramen noodles and triticale wheat tortillas all topped with ingredients from our farmer friends from around the region.

Rotating combinations like slow braised pork belly with caramelized onions or ash roasted beets and summer squash stacked on the tortilla with a Ras el Hanout BBQ sauce, Greek style yogurt(from our buds down the way at Ellenos) and refried local pinto beans from just east of the Cascades... Or maybe a toasted sweet corn and charred allium broth or roasted chicken brother seasoned with a Khao Soi inspired curry paste made from scratch with sous vide beef sliced thin and then seared and a soft boiled pasture raised egg...

We keep you on your toes ever week slinging with fresh, delicious, nutrient dense... um organic... gratifying... um satiating... All the things you need to keep you coming back week after week.

SATURDAYS at University Way NE (the "Ave") between 50th & 52nd, 9 am - 2pm YEAR ROUND! 

SUNDAYS at Broadway Ave E and E Pine Street on Capitol Hill, 11 am - 3 pm YEAR ROUND!

Starting August 2nd: WEDNESDAYS at The Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford, 3:30 pm - 7 pm.