• Zoe Events (map)
  • 1318 East Union Street
  • Seattle, WA, 98122
  • United States

Brothers & Co. are coming back with our 3rd installment of this collaboration with local artisans and Zoe Events on Capitol Hill with support from the Capitol Hill Art Walk! This time with more noodles and more art, we hope to refine this model into a well-oiled(pork fat'd) machine.

v3.0 we will be showcasing the works of Curtis Yu from Yu Tang Ceramics, a Seattle-based ceramic artist who continually blows us away with his expansive knowledge of technique and shape, as well as Hanako O'Leary of HannyaGrrrl showing her illustrative works inspired by the traditions of the Japanese Hannya mask depicting emotions of triumph and tragedy in modern feminism. Perhaps more to come so stay tuned for updates...

We offer a variety of preparations for our ramen that rotate with the seasons and shift at the whim of our creativity until we are confident that you'll love it as much as we do(critical note: we do this because we are obsessed with noodles!). Options for vegan, and gluten free always - please let us know in advance! - A new menu of appetizers and additional bites will also be available to order for your consumption. We choose to only work with the local growers and purveyors that know and practice best, so if you are passionate about where you food comes from, no need to worry... we are likely bigger sticklers when it comes to these things. Zoe Events will be providing a full bar for your imbibing pleasure. Payments for beverages will be made separately from your bill for food. Just the way it is...

Reservations are now open and you put down a $10 per seat deposit that will inevitably be subtracted from your final bill. Follow the link below and you will practically be able to feel that steam rising from your bowl of our noodles. This event is family friendly so bring your loved ones for this evening full of fun and creativity!