When someone one asks you why it is you do what you do, it is never an easy answer. And when they are offering a cash prize for the best answers, it makes you stop and spend just a little more time thinking about it.. LinkedIn's Small Business team asks a very similar question and this is what we had to say...

"Our small business journey began 5 years ago when we were solely a catering company and used our days off to test new recipes and throw pop up events with friends. These dinners slowly shifted from meals amongst loved ones, to large collaborative events with local artists and performers. At that point it was not just food that we brought to the table, but conversations of food utilization, ways to spread our resources further and the need for serious food system reform in the United States. We wanted to create experiences with food that were not just memorable and satiating but aimed to shift the preset notions of culinarily focused artistic expression.

In 2014 with the business still in its infancy due to other full time jobs and obligations, we took the opportunity to work with a culinary innovation start up and put Brothers Catering on hold. Together with newfound direction, we grew a myriad of skill sets, expanded our knowledge of food, and discovered new influences that would help shape the way we imagined our own business to be.

When dreams have become clear and a new path has shown itself you can no longer put off the inevitable. Thus once again on our own and with a new addition to our team, Brothers & Co was born. “Advancing Culinary Ingenuity” became our motto, as it is not enough to tell people what to think about what they eat, but that it is our responsibility to empower them with the knowledge they need to make better decisions and deepen their relationship with food. We look to work with others in our industry to develop innovative approaches in creating more efficient and sustainable habits to carry this dream of a happier and healthier food culture forward. We still offer our services as caterers and private chefs to bring unforgettable experiences to our cliental and are currently seeking new outlets to teach the general public and younger generations about what they can do to consume more thoughtfully and the potentials that food as an artistic medium can bring.

Delicious and nutritious food is our right as human beings. Although it is just sustenance to some, we have chosen to use food as a medium to see what it can do for us, and our spirit. ProFinder will help us expand our network to let those in need of solutions, locate and reach out to us in a simple and effective way. We would use the funds of a prize from LinkedIn towards the continued planning of our own cooperative brick and mortar to house these ambitious endeavors. Having this incubator for new ideas, we will invite others to share in this vision of abundance. This space will be a platform where they themselves can discover what this new movement of culinary expression and understanding has to offer. Only by creating such a venue committed to this exchange will these dreams of ours become a vibrant reality. "